Heather has raced in every situation, knows what it takes to succeed, and wants to help you reach your goals. She has been racing triathlon since 1997, has made a lot of mistakes and wants to help you avoid similar issues by sharing what she has learned over the last 17 years from training and injury to nutrition issues. Heather loves to push athletes to reach their maximum potential
without pushing them over the top.

Together we discuss goals and determine your current level of training. It is a commitment of both athlete and coach. As a busy mother of three, Heather fully understands the need to schedule around your work, family and social calendars while taking your fitness level to the next level. Heather’s goal is to construct each training program emphasizing quality training with a focus of periodization as well as recovery.

All the programs Heather constructs are built firmly in the belief that education and communication are two key ingredients to success. She believes that the goal setting and mental side of racing is a huge part of success and loves to share what she has learned, continually evolving as a coach. At IronEdge, we specialize in individualized performance plans, camps and clinics for multisport athletes of all abilities.

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