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5 Reasons You Should Participate in the Color Fun Run!

This event is perfect for groups and families!

For this event, we are offering the opportunity to choose between a one or two-mile run or walk! Whether you are an avid runner looking for a fun competition or a family with young children, this event will accommodate you! Offering the option to run or walk, you can decide which style best fits the needs of you and your group. By offering two different distances, we are hoping to accommodate prime athletes and participants who may not desire a long, intense run!

You don’t have to be a runner!

As previously mentioned, we want to open our event up to EVERYONE! That’s why we have included a walking option for those of you who would like to enjoy a brisk, fun walk while being covered from head to toe in color!

Our Colored Powder is Safe!

The powdered color we will use during the event is non-toxic and safe for sensitive skin. You can run or walk to your heart's content as we douse you in an array of fun, bright colors! But make sure to wear something that you don’t mind keeping as a souvenir, the paint will stain your clothes!

You Get to Take the Best Pictures!

Is your Instagram feed looking a tad dull? Or is your Facebook profile looking a little bleh? Well, this is definitely the event for you! We will have photo stations set up for you to snap some photos to remember the fun you had and the bright colors will be sure to make for some fun pics!

It’s Not Something You Get to do Every Day!

When is the last time you ran through clouds of colored paint? Can’t remember? Me either! This is the perfect way to shake up your average weekend in Lynchburg! With music, food, and fun, this is the perfect event for anyone looking to add a little life and color to their weekend!

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